Multileg. Options. Stock Trading. All on the go. Get Spreadable.
Leveraging the power of the Tradier API, Spreadable is designed to simplify multi-leg option trading on the go. With advanced features for both automatic and manual spread detection, users can effortlessly open, track, and close (multi-leg) trades as a singular position. Experience unparalleled convenience in mobile option trading. Continue below to discover more.
Stock price + Earnings Watchlist
Stay always informed. During regular trading hours, as well as pre-market and post-market sessions. Upcoming, confirmed or projected company earnings dates right at your sight.
Complex Multi-leg Orders Management
Option chain with spread builder
Tap any option from the chain to begin constructing your spread, and let the spread detector recognize and name your strategy, allowing you to place your trade in seconds.
Lightning-fast adjustments
Effortlessly manage, modify, or cancel open orders from the order view. Swipe through stages to re-trade canceled or executed orders.
One swipe to close them all
Simply swipe on a stock, option or grouped spread and instantly send out a closing order!
And of course, a comprehensive portfolio view
Master spread control. Instantly elevate your on-the-go portfolio management.
Portfolio statistics
Portfolio management
Earnings alert
Quick position details
Automatic spread detection
Position past performances
Trade in seconds
Grouped spreads
Portfolio statistics
One-swipe close positions
Earnings alert
Automatic spread detection
Detailed watchlist
One single price. Simple.
Thanks to our collaboration with Tradier, you can earn your free subscription to Spreadable by simply trading +90 contracts per month!
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Not trading a lot?
That’s alright, we understand. In that case you can still get the full access to the platform via a regular subscription.
> 90
Full access to Spreadable
Cancel anytime
Requires Tradier account*
Requires trading +90 contracts a month
Per month
Full access to Spreadable
Cancel anytime
Requires Tradier account*
About Tradier
What is it?
Tradier is a comprehensive and customizable trading platform equipped with advanced features and enhanced capabilities.
Do I need it to use Spreadable?
Yes. To use the Spreadable app you need to be a Tradier customer. But no worries, a Standard account is free!
Extra deal
Receive a $250 deposit when you open a Tradier Brokerage account ($10/mo) as a Spreadable user by depositing a minimum of $2,000**.
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